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Offices for sale in UAE FAQ

Why set up your business in the UAE?

Dubai is regarded as commercial capital of the United Arab Emiratesand one of the main business hubs globally. A young city in terms of establishment when compared to its counterparts, it has become incredibly populous and attracts millions of tourists every year, thanks to its status as a luxury holiday destination. Dubai is renowned for many different reasons, including outstanding architecture and ultra-modern buildings– most notably, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.A diverse mix of nationalities make-up the population and it enjoys an influx of international talent and expats choosing to live and work in Dubai.


The UAE government offers appealing tax incentives to companies doing business in the country. Currently, there are no foreign exchange controls, trade barriers and personal or corporate taxes, taking a significant financial and administrative burden off international businesses. Bridging Oman and Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Dubai is located midway between the east and the west, thus strategically placed for trade links. It has a seaport and an airport making import and export logistics easier. This means business related to international trading, tourism and logistics can flourish successfully in this region.