Royal Grand Real Estate Management LLC Properties for Commercial Rent in UAE

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Royal Grand Real Estate Management LLC

ROYAL GRAND REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT LLC (RG) was incorporated in the year 2019 and its corporate office located in Mussaffah Industrial Area , M-37 ,Abu Dhabi primarily for the purpose of investing, brokering and of management residential and commercial properties.

RG was founded by Mr.Hameed Ashker. He has fourteen years’ experience in the business and brought the company to its present portfolio/status. We presently deal with more than 20 major real estate management projects. We are actively participating and successfully playing our part along with the fast growing Musaffah Industrial region.

Our main business is leasing and sub leasing of commercial offices, warehouse, labor camp, residential apartments, villas etc. Presently we deal with more than 25 commercial projects and 8 residential projects in Abu Dhabi, especially concentrated more in the Mussafah region, in addition to that we are also involved in real estate project consultation and management jobs too.

Our mission is to provide complete solution to our valuable customers when it comes to their all types real estate property needs.

Our vision is to grow as a number one competitive real estate company in Abu Dhabi (mainly in Mussafah Industrial Area) real estate market in order cater more valuable services to our clients in all times.

With the cooperating efforts of its management team, RG is able to highly maintain its properties in excellent tenantable condition, efficiently re-rent the units and, carefully screen tenants to allow high occupancy rates with hardly any defaults

11 results