The houza hub

Making agents lives easier

Built with simplicity in mind, yet never compromising on delivering you the features and tools you need to succeed.

  • Manage all listings
  • Maximise listing exposure
  • Complete buyer profiles
  • View leads in real time
  • Manage all listings

    Manage all listings

    We start with the basics. Under the properties tab, view all properties in your feed to see which are live on houza, listings which are inactive or those with errors which need rectifying. Here you also have the ability to see a high level view on how this property is performing on houza.

  • Maximise listing performance

    Maximise listing performance

    Impressions lead to clicks and clicks lead to inquiries. As you click into each property, we show you exactly how your properties are performing with a 5-star ranking against similar properties on houza. By clicking on each metric, we give you clear steps on how to improve them and take your listing to the next level. The higher your star count, the higher you will rank on houza.

  • Unique transaction data

    Unique transaction data

    Showing you the data that matters. By scrolling down on a property page, we show you price trends and transaction data. With sales and rental trend data dating back 12 months, and previous sales transactions, the hub allows you manage your clients pricing expectations more accurately. Like what you see? Simply screenshot and send it to your clients.

  • View leads in real time

    View leads in real time

    Minimise the delay in responding to your inquiries. With instant sync, you can now access rent and buyer details immediately by seeing missed calls, listening to call recordings and viewing all email leads. Under the ‘leads’ section, you can view contact cards and understand a property seekers behaviour and properties they have made leads on. You can only see your properties or properties within your branch.

  • On the go

    On the go

    The houza hub is a mobile-first experience. Bookmark the houza hub webpage on your phone to enable easy access to the hub, whenever you need it. The hub will appear as an app on your home screen.

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Why does my property show I have leads but no qualified leads?

A qualified lead is a lead where we have the contact details and/or the name of the interested property seeker. Typically these include seekers who have sent WhatsApp messages and engaged in a phone conversation. The other leads may be phone or WhatsApp clicks.

How can I get a log in?

Your admin/internal portal manager has the authorization to create logins using your email address, from their account settings.

Can anyone else see my properties?

Only agents from within your company can see your properties.

Can I see more historic sales transactions?

Further historical sales transactions will be available from December 2021 when we launch our ‘Trends’ section, allowing you to explore further trend and transactional data.

Can you share rental data?

Unfortunately the UAE government does not release actual rent data. When viewing rent trend data, this is based on an average of listing prices.

When will I be able to share via Instagram?

We’re working on this feature. Expect to see it soon! For now, you can share your properties via Facebook or through WhatsApp